This is the world famous three-wheeled adventure through magical Sri Lanka! Uncover the beauty of this ancient island, hunt for lost treasures, discover hidden locations, and compete for the Tri-Wheel Trophy!

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What’s This All About?

The TukTuk Tournament is a two-week event that combines the best of independent and group travel experiences into one kick-ass competition. We give you rules, maps, and an app and then unleash you into the country. With these tools you’ll be able to unlock the secrets that make Sri Lanka so special and fully immerse yourself into the culture in a deep, authentic way. You and your team will have to develop your own strategy and choose your own course around the island as you attempt to collect as many points as possible. The only mandatory stops are for the beginning, middle, and end parties where we’ll gather together, swap our wild stories, and celebrate life!

Layered on top of the game element is a Ramayana narrative that will take you out of the real world and transfer you to a magical realm filled with wild beasts and evil beings. This storyline, along with your team name, costumes, and three-wheeled chariot, is essential for you to extract all of the magic that is to be had along the way and uncover your inner hero. You’ll have to battle roads, traffic, competitors, weather, unfamiliar customs, and the occasional elephant. To win you’ll have to traverse the highest mountains, thickest jungles, and wildest animals. And along the way you’ll make the best of friends, meet the warmest people, and create enough stories for a lifetime!

Many teams will compete, but only one will be crowned TukTuk Tournament Champion!
Will it be you?

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Tournament Schedule

Early Arrival: Teams will have the opportunity to have up to three extra days with their tuktuk. By showing up early they’ll also get to avoid the drive training rush.

Day 1: We’ll finish up drive training, do a practice drive, and mix and mingle at the start party!

Day 2: You’ll learn how to play the game, decorate your idols, and practice with the app.

*Blue circles are not counted in tournament dates. Yellow indicate accommodation is provided.

Days 3-7: After our Redbull Start, teams will have 5 days of independent treasure hunting before meeting back up at the mid-party.

Day 8: This is a mandatory rest day and no points can be scored. We’ll hang out, play games, and prepare for the final days.

Days 9-13: Teams will go back out for 5 more days of wild treasure hunting before breaking for the Redbull Finish Line! We’ll crown our champion and party like there’s no tomorrow.

How to Collect Points?




The game format will both lead you to adventures and help you find them right where you are.

Our game map will take you to jungle restaurants, Raa (coconut rum) plantations, rice mills, amazing beaches, waterfalls, windy roads, views, surf spots, temples and monasteries. If it’s on the challenge map, we believe it’s worth seeing. Our Quest Book will help you dive deep into the culture and inspire interactions with the local people you never would have imagined. From eating and sleeping at locals homes, driving tractors on farms, helping at beach cleanups, or helping artisans complete their master pieces, there is plenty for every appetite.

You will never be able to do them all, so travel smart, pick the best routes and do the challenges that you love!

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  • 5 nights PRIVATE accommodation for your team of two or three people.
  • A high quality TUKTUK for the duration of the Tournament.
  • Three EPIC parties! We provide the DJ/Live Music, discounted drinks, and delicious vibes! 
  • Full comprehensive insurance for all parties.
  • Individual driving lesson and basic maintenance lesson.
  • Locally approved Sri Lankan driving licence.
  • Reimbursement of all fair wear and tear repairs to your tuktuk during your trip.
  • Red Bull start and podium finish! 
  • Access to the proprietary TukTuk Tournament phone app.
  • Integrated map and tracking system set up with cities, villages, temples, waterfalls, mountains, tea plantations, safaris and challenges Sri Lanka wide.
  • Bluetooth stereo so you can keep the party going on the road.
  • USB chargers, phone holders, spare wheel, clutch cable and a basic toolset.
  • Hard copy of the incredible Tournament Quest Book.
  • A wooden tuktuk team idol; the living breathing spirit of your team used for point verification.
  • A team welcome-pack including a tote bag, Tournament t-shirts and gifts from sponsors.
  • Discounts at selected hotels and tourist attractions.
  • Massive donation to the local community.
  • Complete 24/7 support from the Tournament team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok. Teams of 2-3 people will drive tuktuks across Sri Lanka in an “amazing race” style of adventure. You will have to use the resources we give you (map, Quest Book, digital app) and the rules of the game to develop your own strategy and own route. You’ll complete both location based and non-location based missions and upload photos through our app to collect points. Along the way we’ll throw three epic parties and bond with both locals and international travelers from around the world.

All information on what’s included (and what’s not) is available at the “enter now” page and in the ‘Inclusions’ section on this page.

Wherever you want! Well, kind of. You’ll be limited on where you can go by the format of the game and how many kilometers/miles we permit you to travel on any specific day. Once again, this isn’t a race. But, generally speaking, our map covers the entire island of Sri Lanka. There is nowhere you have to go and nowhere you can’t. Our team has over 20 years combined experience traveling in Sri Lanka. We have used our deep knowledge of the country to map out only the best and most unique experiences the island has to offer. Sometimes we will take you to a jungle restaurant or Raa (coconut rum) plantation, other times to rice mills, amazing beaches, waterfalls, windy roads, views, surf spots, temples and monasteries. If it’s on your challenge map, we believe it’s worth seeing. There are a lot of locations on our map that are on the main tourist trails of Sri Lanka, but there are more locations off the beaten track to start you exploring and seeing what is unseen in Sri Lanka. In the end, where you go is your choice – you will have to think strategically and map the most ideal route to obtain the most points and also curate the experience you want. 

Driving: Driving in Sri Lanka is different to back home, however, there is a system and it is less chaotic than you might think. We have had plenty of people, young, old, male, and female drive all over the island without any major problems. The speed limit for tuktuks in Sri Lanka is 40km/hr and for cars is 70km/hr. We will give you a comprehensive driving lesson before we put you on the road, and we will go through all the local laws about driving including those “informal” rules on the first day of your adventure. Safety is our top priority. If you’re still worried about driving, check out our article here: Is It Safe To Drive A Tuktuk?

Traveling: In general, Sri Lanka receives millions of tourists every year with very few incidents. You’ll quickly see that Sri Lankans are some of the most warm, hospitable people in the world and they are largely why this tournament is so special. The elephants, on the other hand, can be stinkers (JK). Following traditional ‘smart traveler policies’ are always recommended. But this is the same with any destination. All that being said, traveling and adventuring all carry inherent risks, all of which YOU assume by taking on this endeavor. Remember, this is a ‘choose your own adventure’ style event so you will be responsible for yourself and your decisions. We will do everything we can to prepare you for the journey and support you along the way!

Most of the detailed game rules will be spelled out when everyone arrives in country. We don’t want to spoil all of the fun. But here is a basic outline: Utilizing our game app and quest book, teams of 2-3 will complete location based and non-location based challenges/missions (kind of like a big scavenger hunt with lots of other fun stuff mixed in). To prove you completed the mission, you will need to post, via our app, either a photo or video to your team Instagram page with specific hashtags we provide for you. This is how you will collect your treasure. EVERY photo and video must have at least one teammate in it along with the team’s unique idol (decorated mascot). This prevents people from splitting up to complete missions. Teams MUST stay together. There is also a KM limit. This is not a race and if you spend too much driving, you’ll miss the REAL point of the tournament. At the end of the quest, the team with the most gems will be the winner, receive the Tri-Wheel Trophy, and be dubbed masters of the universe! Obviously there will be a ton more details, tricks, and so forth integrated into the game format but you’ll have to wait for all of that. 

There is no cap on our age! You are never too old for adventure and we love to see the wise teach the young whippersnappers a thing or two. There are some limits to how young you can be. Someone on the team must be at least 21 years old to rent a tuktuk but the legal driving age in Sri Lanka is 18. Anyone with a valid driving license can drive. Other than that, we encourage families to come down and share this experience together. The parents/guardians will need to assume full responsibility for anyone under 18 on their team and choose how they would like them to be exposed to any shenanigans at the parties. Some venues may not allow humans under the age of 18 to partake if we choose to have a party offsite. 

Absolutely not. We try to capture a wide range of activities so that you can customize your experience to your own needs and desires. However, if you want to win, having too many self-imposed restrictions will make that very difficult. But not everyone comes to win, remember, you can make this experience what you want it to be!

We are there to support you 24/7 while you are on the road. We have a network of recommended mechanics over the island to help you if in trouble and we always have staff on hand to speak the local dialect (Sinhalese). If you engine explodes we will drive you a new tuktuk! We believe in the quality of the tuktuks we provide and will cover any maintenance costs you incur while on the road during the TukTuk Tournament. If something happens that is a result of a poor tuktuk and not your own team’s fault, you will be awarded the average points accrued across all teams for that day as compensation for your chariot having problems.

It’s quite likely that you will experience a minor problem with your chariot during the tournament in Sri Lanka. These beasts are honest and reliable chariots but are still built for the working class of these countries. You will have to find your nearest mechanic, get the beast repaired and continue on your journey. Keep the receipts and we will cover these costs at the end.  There are over 1.2 million tuktuks across the island and 23 million people, BUT it is about the same size as Ireland. In short, there are plenty of mechanics and people to help you.

The ticket price is USD $1,025/person and a $150 security deposit. We will not be issuing discounts. You will need to pay a $100 down-payment per person to secure your booking.

How much this event costs you overall will depend on a lot of different variables. Two of the biggest variables, however, will be how big and bougie your crew is. Obviously the more people you have, the more opportunity there will be to share some of the extra costs such as fuel and accommodation. You can find reasonable accommodations all over the place and if you eat like a local, food is quite inexpensive. Taking all of that into consideration, here are some very rough estimates on some of the larger expenses that you can use to budget with depending on how you travel:

Fuel: $50 total per team

Travel Insurance: $40 per person

Accommodation: $20-$50 per team per night

Food and Drink: $5-$20 per person per day

Entrance Fees and Activities: $40-$100 per person (this is the fun stuff)

We are working hard to build a network of exclusive discounts at accommodations and activities throughout the region. This will continue to go as the event does.

No team? No problem! We always have intrepid individuals looking to team up. We’ll either find you another solo person or add you to a team of two. Our teams of individuals are often in the top 5 and they walk away lifelong friends.

The winners will receive the coveted ‘Tri-Wheel Trophy’ and be declared masters of the universe! They’ll also have eternal bragging rights and know that they were the biggest contributors to our charity partner.

Because there is no set route and teams can go anywhere at any time, you will need to book your own accommodation during the 9 nights of active competition. Where you book will depend on where your team ends up that evening and what your budget is. Don’t plan too much as you don’t want to ruin the adventure and your flexibility! We provide your first two nights, last night, and two nights in the middle. Generally speaking, you should always be able to find something on the fly.

We know the world is a crazy place right now and we want to be as understanding and accommodating as possible for whatever unexpected events come our way. We appreciate the risk you are taking even by getting excited for this event, and we hope you’ll be patient with us as we do our best to offer one of the first travel opportunities under these unique circumstances.


If Sri Lanka shuts down within 3-weeks leading up to the event, we may be forced to cancel or postpone. If we do, we will provide a complete refund. Alternatively, participants will have the option to move their deposit to a future TukTuk Tournament.

If you have to cancel due to restrictions in your home country [citizens are not allowed to travel or, on return, you would be forced to do an extended quarantine] we will also provide you with a complete refund as long as you notify us within 3-weeks of the start date.

We cannot be held liable for any expenses you have already incurred at that point including, but not limited to, flights and reservations. So plan ahead with flexible options or good travel insurance!


We have no idea what kinds of local policies and health recommendations will be in place at the time of the Tournament. Regardless of what they are, our commitment will be to integrate reasonable and necessary precautions so that we may ensure the safety of our participants and the local communities you will visit. 

You should plan on needing masks and hand sanitizer and, odds are, they will even be incorporated into the game itself. If we find out it is possible and reasonable, we may require a rapid test at the airport.

The main point of suffering, potentially, would be the size and manner of our parties. But with a little understanding and faith, we are confident that we can still put on an epic event!

As a social business we really believe in leaving the community better than we found it and giving back to the gracious people of Sri Lanka who host our shenanigans every year. First you should know that we offset all of the driving to ensure we are carbon neutral and that all of our tuktuks are owned by locals. We rent from them instead of owning our own fleet to help supplement their income. Tuktuk owners are often some of the poorest individuals in the country.

Our charity partner has been the PALM Foundation. Every year we use a calculation to determine how much money we will donate to their water program. The money is used to buy water filters for communities in the north still suffering from the civil war. The more points that teams collect, the more money we donate. This helps to keep people incentivized and realize that they are contributing to something larger while they play. To date we have purchased 200 water connections and we hope we can double that in the next year!

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