The 2019 TukTuk Tournament Recap

Our third edition of the most ludicrous adventure game ever created will forever be sung in the ballads of the pygmy elves on Adam’s Peak. Heroes gathered from around the globe to capture gems, slay monsters, and try to defeat the evil Raffia Ketch Pour! And while they certainly did lots of all that, we’d be remiss not to mention some of the blunders and sideline antics that took place along the way. Here is a look back at some of the 2019 TukTuk Tournament highlights! BUT… before we jump in, we must recommend you listen to a little ditty. The tournament song put forth by the legendary Biryani Brothers reached new heights and became the unofficial tournament anthem. We apologize in advance if it gets stuck in your head for eternity.

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The TukTuk Tournament App!

The witches and wizards at the Questing Association thought they were quite clever for conjuring up the very first TUKTUK TOURNAMENT APP! This little piece of magic streamlined gameplay and made the experience more interactive with the other teams. Our guinea pigs in 2019 saw its debut, but we’ll continue to improve on it for our future adventurosos. We have to thank our lucky GAPSTARS for working so hard to get this app ready in time!

Flaminguins (Flamingos + Penguins)

Our imaginary post tournament poll had the Flaminguins as number one in the best dressed and team spirit categories. The Canadian duo made it the entire tournament with that beautiful pink foul strapped to the top of their tuktuk, and we can’t tell you how many people those peckers on their heads kissed. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the last picture shows them doing a ‘flabongo’ (flamingo+beerbong) with some of the locals. If you are sorry you missed this well, don’t worry… they’ll be back in 2020!

The ‘Dicks’

We are out here to have fun but we still have RULES! Luckily these two fellas lived up to their names and made Dick Tracey proud by pulling over the other teams when they stepped out of line. As for their pink bear… well, don’t ask.

Travel Like a Local

The best thing about the Tournament is that it is NOT a race. To win you’ve got to go deep into the culture. You’ve got to learn the language. You’ve got to meet the locals. You’ve got to dress like the locals. You’ve got to eat with your hands. You’ve got to work in rice fields. You’ve got to get a green card. You’ve got to marry locals…. Okay, only some of those are true. Regardless, these are the experiences that will leave you in awe of Sri Lanka. The people and their welcoming attitudes is hard to describe in words. So you’ll just have to come experience it yourself!

P-A-R-T-WHY? Because we gotta!

Our tournament gives you three opportunities to get off three wheels, get on two legs, and boogie until the cows come home. Not only were these great releases from the pressures of saving magical Ceylon, but they were opportunities for participants to bond and swap tales from the road. At our mid-party in the mountains of Sri Lanka, our league of ruffians worked up such a fever on the dance floor, that all involved were forced to cool off in the nearby pool. 

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Team Bonding

Friendship is an ancient magic that is out of our control but never fails to appear in large quantities during the tournament. It is amazing the bonds that formed in just two weeks. These bonds bridged borders, age gaps, and even tuktuk colors. We noticed this effect to take hold ten fold after the mid party… perhaps a side effect from drinking too much pool water.

Animal Encounters

And this is why we can’t have nice things. We’ve had thousands of customers take the famous B35 road but this was the first time THIS has ever happened. At orientation we’ll go over the proper procedure for taking this highway and talk through some general recommendations regarding the wildlife in Sri Lanka. THIS is never the goal. Fortunately the lads weren’t hurt, they had enough wits about them to get this picture, and the tuktuk powered through once it was put back on three wheels… a real testament to these stellar contraptions. 

Another Delicious Tournament Anthem

Are you tired of NOT being able to drive the Biryani Bros tuktuk? Are you tired of that catchy tune lingering in your head? Well then try to rinse your brain palette with another one of our favorite tournament songs from this Aussie-French duo: Elle Bracket Industries. 

TukTuk Tournament Champions!

Of course, it only seems fitting to end the recap with a hat tip to our amazing TUKTUK TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS! These two Cookie Munchers slew all 5 monsters, found the most gems, and secured the tri-wheel trophy to defeat Raffia Ketch Pour! They are a beacon to all who seek to make the world a better place and the people of Ceylon are forever grateful for their hard work. On top of being tournament champions, they graciously donated their prize money to the charity organization Cool Earth! You’ve gotta love an ending like that.

And that, as we say, is all she wrote. If you still want to see more from the 2019 TukTuk Tournament, then check out this incredible documentary put together by the Biryani Brothers, and another series by one of the Jackass Genies.

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