Tuktuk Tournament FAQs

I’m still confused, can you spell out what the hell this is?

Ok. Teams of 2-3 people will drive tuktuks across Sri Lanka in an “amazing race” style of adventure. Each team chooses their own route based on the value of destinations and challenges in those destinations. Each team will have to battle the roads, traffic, competitors, weather and local conditions as they race around the island to gain as many points as possible in the time period.

Which locations are you taking me to?

We have used our local knowledge of Sri Lanka and tourist destinations to map out only the best locations, temples, ruins, tea plantations, fisherman and waterfalls for you to visit. If it’s on our map and worth points, we believe it’s worth seeing. There are a lot of locations on our map that are on the main tourist trails of Sri Lanka, but there are more locations off the beaten track to start you exploring and seeing what is unseen in Sri Lanka. In the end, where you go is your choice – you will have to think strategically and map the most ideal route to obtain the most points so you can be deemed winner of the quest.

Is it safe to drive?

Driving in Sri Lanka is different to the west, however, there is a system and it is less chaotic than you might think. We have had plenty of people, young, old, male and female drive all over the island without any major problems. The speed limit for tuktuks in Sri Lanka is 40km/hr and for cars is 70km/hr – at these speeds there aren’t any major incidents. We do suggest to stay off the roads at night however as there is a high incidence of drunk driving. We will give you a comprehensive driving lesson before we put you on the road, and we will go through all the local laws about driving including those “informal” rules on the first day of your adventure. Safety is our top priority.

If you’re still worried about driving, check out our article here: Is It Safe To Drive A Tuktuk?  We’ve done our research.

What are the rules?

The primary is you can only drive 100km/day (and of course to obey local and international laws). A kilometer limit means you have to be strategic, strap your wizard hats on and map the best route to earn the most points! There is no point speeding and/or driving through the night if you have a km limit. It also means you have to stop and enjoy the serenity!! Of course any cheating or forging locations/challenges as well as playing with your odometer will result in you forfeiting your points.

How do I get a tuktuk license?

To get a tuktuk license you will need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) with “Type B” (car) endorsement, or, a foreign national license with “Type B” (car) endorsement. You will have to provide us your documents a minimum 1 week before your arrival so we can obtain this license for you.

Who will support me on the road?

We are there to support you 24/7 while you are on the road. We have a network of recommended mechanics over the island to help you if in trouble and we always have staff on hand to speak the local dialect (Sinhalese). If you engine explodes we will drive you a new tuktuk! We believe in the quality of the tuktuks we provide and will cover any maintenance costs you incur while on the road during the TukTuk Tournament. If something happens that is a result of a poor tuktuk and not your own team’s fault, you will be awarded the average points accrued across all teams for that day as compensation for your chariot having problems.

How much will it cost?

The ticket price is USD $990/person (check homepage for discounts!).  You will need to pay a $100 down-payment per person to secure your booking. Further, each team will have to pay $200 as a deposit (per tuktuk) to cover any issues with the tuktuk that might arise due to negligence throughout the tournament.

You’ll also need to cover the expenses for any of the major tourist sites that charge for entry.  Here’s our article, with a full write up on those charges: Prices of Entree Fee for Popular Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka!

What happens if I get sick?

Our insurance only covers you in a tuktuk accident, we expect you will have your own travel insurance for this. If it’s minor you can keep on trucking after a visit to a pharmacy, in a major health issue the Sri Lankan hospitals in Colombo are very good quality. We will do everything in our power to transition you to a hospital, monitor your condition, inform your relatives and help you with the paperwork.

What happens if we break down?

It’s quite likely that you will experience a minor problem with your chariot during the tournament in Sri Lanka. These beasts are honest and reliable chariots but are still built for the working class of these countries. You will have to find your nearest mechanic, get the beast repaired and continue on your journey. Keep the receipts and we will cover these costs at the end.   There are over 1.2 million tuktuks across the island and 23 million people, BUT it is about the same size as Tasmania. In short, there are plenty of mechanics and people to help you.

What happens over the 15 day period?

Day 1 – 3: The Tuktuk Festival

Day 4 – 9: Start Line & Driving Days (4,5,6,7,8,9)

Day 9 & 10: Mid-Party & Chill Day

Day 11-15: Driving Days (11,12,13,14,15)

Day 15: Finish & End Party

What day do I need to arrive?

Before the 22nd of October 2018.